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McIntyre Construction strives to give you the highest value and quality for your money.  We accomplish this by fully analyzing project priorities, timelines, and budgets.  


We know that each building is an investment. As members of the construction team, we help spend money wisely and avoid waste.

Price & Value
Project Management


McIntyre Construction puts special emphasis on our Project Management Services as we realize that

this is a vital part of any successful construction project whether large or small.


We have knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled project managers that are constantly monitoring

the status of projects. Our project managers communicate consistently with clients,

subcontractors, and other providers involved in each project.


The NET result to you is projects that are completed on time and often under budget!


Since 1972 McIntyre Construction has applied environmentally conscious construction, technology, and practices to meet the needs of our clients. As a contractor, we are very aware of the impact construction and building operations have on the environment, eco-system, and building occupants. We strive to reduce any negative impacts and promote sustainable building practices.


Creating a sustainable building is achieved through an approach to the design, construction, and operation of buildings to enhance the community, reduce environmental impacts, and minimize life-cycle costs.  Sustainable buildings encompass a wide variety of topics and are typically organized into general categories such as site, water resources, energy use, materials use, and indoor environmental quality.


In 2007 McIntyre Construction joined the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in our effort to promote sustainable buildings. We have a Leadership for Environment and Energy Design (LEED) Accredited Professional on staff to ensure best sustainable practices are followed during the design and construction of any project.

Sustainable Construction
Design Build


McIntyre Construction specializes in design-build construction.  Design-build construction is defined as a single source project delivery method in which the contractor forges a single contract with the owner for the design, engineering, and all construction of a project.  We are flexible and can work with the owner's architect or procure the necessary design professionals.


Design-build delivery allows our team to apply years of design and construction experience during the initial phases of the project.  We are available to assist the owner in balancing the competing priorities that go along with every project.  McIntyre Construction also provides sustainable development and value engineering consulting to assist the owner in realizing additional benefits. We strive to streamline coordination among team members, create a collaborative environment, and draw upon the strengths of all the participants to ensure the highest value for every dollar spent.



We construct each building to maintain its value and quality against the tests of time and against the elements. During construction, quality is constantly monitored and is never allowed to be compromised. One of the ways our consistent quality is ensured is by the partnerships we have established with subcontractors and materials suppliers throughout the area. We maintain superior relationships with these organizations and work together to ensure your expectations are met.

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