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When we can be involved in the entire process, from the property acquisition all the way to the open house, we can save you time and money, which gives us a great scene of accomplishment. We want to be there as soon as you need assistance, but the earlier, the better.




A Unique  & Specialized Field.

It takes a great amount of detail and attention to the requirements of each and every piece of dental equipment. Most contractors do not understand the complexity of the equipment



Contractors tend to view dental construction as similar to general office construction. At McIntyre Construction Inc., we have spent the last 47 years educating ourselves to be the 'go to' experts for Dental construction. Teamwork should be at the forefront of each and every project. The connection between the design professional, equipment consultants and suppliers, subcontractors, construction suppliers, and general contractor should be as seamless as possible.

These risk-takers are the backbone of our economy. We appreciate the need for the efficiency of space, time, and money. With our vast experience in tenant in-fills, we have a wealth of helpful suggestions. From signed lease to move-in, it usually takes from 30 to 45 days.



In most cases, this is substantially faster than our competition, but we never sacrifice our quality for speed. We value the relationships we've established while helping the owners design and build their own places of operation.

Handing a construction project over to a new general contractor can be very stressful. We believe that our record of performance shows that our clients feel confident that their project is receiving the attention it deserves.



We encourage our clients to check our references and our work as we feel they will see why so many other retailers have trusted us with their projects.

With over 47 years of experience, McIntyre Construction Inc. offers the expertise of knowing what works, and what doesn’t work in restaurant construction. Our processes are vital to providing on-time, on-budget execution that delivers exceptional results.



We work with restaurants and restaurant owners planning to build, expand, and expand their franchises. We like to be involved early in the project so we can save you time and money, which gives us a great scene of accomplishment. McIntyre Construction Inc. saves the owner normal construction cost and time, which means their doors get opened sooner.

At McIntyre Construction Inc., we adapt our commercial construction services to the individual needs of our clients. We make sure our commercial construction services fit both your overall needs and long-term vision.



The dependable quality control and steadfast dedication of our construction services professionals produces immediate, and long-term, sustainable success where your goals and visions are accomplished.

Each player has to put their ego aside and be willing to work as a team in order to have a successful project. We have strong relationships with most of the professionals within the Medical industry and work hard to promote a 'Teamwork' environment for every project.



Communication is a key component of every project. Educating your staff is essential for them to understand the process so they can feel at ease. Nothing can be more difficult for your staff than moving or having their office remolded around them. It is important your staff knows they are important and their work is essential to the ongoing life of the practice.

At McIntyre Construction Inc., our approach of collaborating with all decision-makers allows us to capture the vision of our client and to turn an extraordinary workspace into a reality.



Constructing offices with attention to detail, while tightly managing schedules and precisely monitoring costs, helps our clients through the construction process to get the results they deserve.

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